LENR Claimed to Work --Future cities about to blossom

Tentative title for a Work in Progress:   LENR Claimed to Work  -Future Cities About to Blossom
Note 1: An earlier version of this post appeared on the E-CatWorld forum early in December 2018.
Note 2: The two opening paragraphs are based on the previous post; the next few (in italics) are excerpted from an embedded link*.

  Continued use of fossil fuels and radioactive nuclear plants are the biggest risks to human health and safety. Yet, big media, and advertisers invested in fossil fuels and radioactive nuclear have trouble in acknowledging the real hazards involved with polluted air and water and inevitable ageing reactor failure. In any case, to avoid the next disaster, most countries have to catch-up in research, engineering and deployment of cheap, non-polluting and radiation-free energy sources.

 Change agents in the take-over generation have to push hard for affordable energy systems. On-site generation of electricity and heat, called, LENR, suitable for agriculture, industry, residential complexes and unlimited-range vehicles is now being engineered for Farms and Future Cities*.

  "On-site Ecat power, offers a measure of energy independence, and avoids the huge losses from distribution power line grids. In the near future the Ecat could help provide desalination, and very importantly provide the energy needed (heating and cooling/electricity) for greenhouse crops, hydroponics and dwellings.”
 “LENR Cities are Ultra Designed Environments, totally self-sustainable with agriculture and independent energy supply …incorporating state of the art infrastructure and ideal ways of building homes and communities …which attracts, investment, tourism…”

  LENR cities will likely blossom first in oil-rich desert nations, followed by progressive Asia, Australia and Scandinavia. Hot and arid Arizona/New Mexico will likely be among the first movers, with hurricane-prone Caribbean nations gradually rebuilding their energy infrastructure with LENR and micro-grids. In much of Europe and the rest of North America we will likely see a few LENR factories and subdivisions plus LENR retro-fits of coal-fired and nuclear generating plants -and even some Alpine resorts energized by the New Fire.

"Ideas cannot be fought except by means of better ideas. The battle consists not of opposing, but of exposing, not of denouncing, but of disapproving, not of evading, but of boldly proclaiming a consistent and radical alternative." So spoke, philosopher/writer, Ayn Rand.   

 For the environment and humanity, legacy energy infrastructures are costly and destructive; by comparison, LENR is affordable and benign. What the world now needs is the distribution of pollution free and radiation free energy.  Yet, the UN's nuclear watch-dog still acquiesces proliferation of nuclear electricity, even though the uranium process is used by rogue nations to produce nuclear missiles.

 Still, there is a glimmer of hope; “... governments need to move faster and with greater urgency. We’re feeding this fire while the means to extinguish it are within reach,” said the United Nations Environment Programme’s Deputy Executive Director Joyce Msuya, a Tanzanian microbiologist and environmental scientist.

  The outcry by the scientific establishment, "LENR is not possible," gradually shifts to "I always supported the idea." Yet, the nuclear industry and it's regulators persist with the claim that old nuclear has the cleanest and safest track record of any power sources. Given the imminence of the cheap LENR alternative, the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency -as it moves to reinvent its self- might plan on sponsoring a few LENR-powered communities in the poorest African countries.     

 Early and wide implementation of LENR provides the means to arrest rising temperatures, rising coastal waters, air pollution, hunger, and in turn diminish the threat of nuclear war. Yet, we again celebrate New Year's optimism by dancing on Titanic's tilting deck.

 And, the children cry, "I'm hungry, Mamma. How high is the water, Papa?" 

 Sober holidays to all, and to all a good hike.

PS # 1   2014 open letter to IAEA and UN     http://londont.blogspot.com/2014/12/
PS # 2   Nuke disarmament  https://thebulletin.org/2018/09/facing-the-central-questions-of-nuclear-disarmament/



  1. For the record, the UN has never advocated for nuclear power. That's not how the UN works, despite the wishes of many of big countries that produce nuclear reactors (Russia, France, the US). If a country chooses to embark on nuclear power program, then the IAEA (which is not the UN) can be invited to help set up the program, with siting and safety best practices, visits by expert working groups, etc. But the value of this in-kind assistance is at most a tiny fraction of one percent of what it costs to design, build and launch even a single reactor. The sad fact is that the UN and its affiliated advisory bodies are pretty much toothless all the way around in all energy questions, and that comes from the deliberate design (of the governments of the world).


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